Listening Based English Conversation Learning

Everyone Wants to Learn To speak English Quickly

Learning spoken English in the usual way is hard! And fluent English conversation is even harder. The Adept English way to learn English conversation is different. Discover a new, fun way to learn how to speak English that is simple, fast and works.

Most English courses on-line are focused on English for beginners, focused on written English especially grammar and being able to read English.

The Adept English learning method comes from the opposite direction. We focus on listening to English, practising spoken English and how to speak English fluently.



I was so angry that I'd spent so much money on ESL courses, and I had NOTHING to show for it. It's not just the money! For my job, I need to make progress speaking English to get on.Your course is all about one super simple idea, which I could spend hours working on without being bored. The trick is to understand more than you need to speak. Speaking English then becomes easy.

Sanjeet Kumar
Software Project Manager

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Nearly all of our English learning classes are FREE

we really want to change the way languages are taught

As you will discover we have 100's of lessons all completely free. We want to change the way people think about how a second language is learned. 

To us it seems almost crazy that people do not use the same teaching method that they successfully used to learn their native language when learning a new foreign language.

We are all busy people (we have regular jobs as well as this one!) and we know most of you do not have time to learn as much as you want. This is why everything we do is designed for learning on the move. With 5 billion mobile phones in use by 2019, we thought it would be sensible to make all our language lessons, audio lessons.

Saying this we also sell some courses, these are only needed when you want to level up your language learning. The sales of these courses help us fund the free language podcast lessons and hosting costs.

English conversation is much more important than reading or writing in English

If you are learning the English language right now or participated in English lessons in the past, the chances are you will have spent 80% of your time on learning to read or write English. You will have spent 80% of your time learning language rules & spelling and you will know that the English language is 'annoyingly' inconsistent.

The English language is challenging to learn because it has an extensive vocabulary (200,000+ words), it has a lot of rules you must follow, and then it breaks those rules in 'special' cases.

Most English language students get frustrated with learning the English language because it takes so long to learn. Old-fashioned English lessons are spent learning the English language using books with little or no time spent learning to speak English, or listening to English conversation. We at Adept English think this type of learning is entirely the wrong way around.

The Adept English "Listen & Learn" teaching method focuses on listening to native British English conversation. We know you can learn to speak English before you can read or write English because that's how we all learned to speak our first language (not a book in sight!). Here at Adept English, we spend 80% of our time learning to speak English efficiently. We teach you the most common, everyday English used in the UK.

If you are learning the English language, so you can communicate with English speaking work colleagues. Maybe you want to go on holiday to an English speaking country. Then you will find that English conversation is by far the essential element of learning the English language. Your English reading and writing will get better over time (there are lots of tools like spell checkers, translation tools to help you as well) it is much more important to speak English first.

How to survive the first 3 minutes of a conversation in a different language

We think your time is important so we get straight to the point

The Adept English learning method is a new and better way to learn speaking English. We show you how to learn to speak English fluently & we do it in an uncomplicated way that delivers results. 

Its a simple way for new English language students to improve speaking English overnight. At Adept English we honestly think that you will learn how to learn to speak English faster than an normal language student will. 

We explain why you need to break learning the rules to get ahead of the learning English crowd.

You can start improving your language skills right now with just 20-30 minutes of listening a day. We have 100,000+ student listeners a month learning this way.

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